A Fresh Start…

A few weeks ago, we passed the 1-year anniversary marking when Covid – 19 shut down Pennsylvania.  I remember the day very vividly; it was March 19th, 2020.  We all held our breath as we waited to read the governor’s list of businesses that were deemed essential.  Upon learning that we could continue operations, we entered unchartered territory, like so many of you reading this message.  Daily, hourly, and down to the minute, we made decisions on how we would operate to keep our team safe, how to enter and exit our workspace, how we would proceed if someone showed symptoms, how to transport our team members to the many job sites, etc.  Every day, we had a knot in our gut, and every night, we said our prayers thanking God for another day of safe work.

Our core team learned invaluable life lessons from March 2020 to March 2021.  On the 1-year anniversary of the PA Covid shut down, we had a toast to health, a toast to prosperity and most of all, a toast to making a fresh start.  As a team, we determined that even though Covid still lingers, we would not be held back.  We recommitted ourselves to doing our daily best to seize the day, to work hard and beautify Berks, and to do so with excellence.

We hope all of you reading this seek out a fresh start this spring.  Don’t be held bound by Covid; enjoy Mother Nature in her glory!

Here’s a toast to a fresh start!

Lori Anewalt



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