Anewalt’s Core Team


Edward Anewalt, IV, President

Edward Anewalt, I.V., aka Eddie, is the president and founder of Anewalt’s Landscape Contracting. Eddie began in the landscaping industry at the ripe age of 10 years old! His first independent business revolved around cutting his grandparents’ lawn, which later included maintaining his neighbors’ lawns as well. Eddie’s greatest influence as a child was his grandfather, Edward F. Anewalt, Jr., who inspired, coached, and believed in young Eddie Anewalt. His grandfather’s support led to the founding of Anewalt’s Landscape Contracting in 1988.

The business began in his parent’s barn on route 183, and continued to expand as years passed. While the business was growing, Eddie was also attending school part-time at Penn State Berks to earn a degree in Landscape Contracting. It wasn’t until he wanted to offer more services within the business that he realized how integral a completed degree would be to Anewalt’s Landscape Contracting as a whole. Eddie’s wife, Lori, a 1994 Penn State graduate, encouraged him to complete his degree, and after numerous 2+ hour commutes up to three times a week to the Penn State Main Campus, Eddie graduated from Penn State with his Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape contracting in 1998.

The business continued to grow, and Eddie and Lori purchased Delong’s Garden Center in Bernville. For two years, Anewalt’s operated out of two locations until the business consolidated in 2003 to the Delong’s Garden Center location, which is the current location of Anewalt’s presently!

The business has grown to its current size and customer base due to Eddie’s supervision and guidance, but Eddie still finds time to do things outside of work. Outside of landscaping, Eddie enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Lori, and their beautiful children, Lucia and Cicso. Together, they enjoy hiking, traveling and skiing. Eddie is also an avid motocross racer and competes in District 6 races.

Lori Anewalt, Vice President

Lori and Eddie Anewalt married in 1996 on Groundhog Day. By trade, Lori is a Spanish teacher and is passionate about the Spanish language. She spent two decades teaching Spanish in Berks County schools. In earlier years, Lori worked on an Anewalt’s crew, often with Eddie, cutting grass, plowing snow, building decks and maintaining properties. As the years progressed, her role continued to change, moving more in the office, at times answering phones, aiding in Spanish-English translation, and recruiting employees. She drives the public relations and customer outreach in projects such as the newsletter and in community service. Today, Lori works closely to develop her team, grow customer relations, and oversee finances.

Her skill set and leadership qualities stem directly from her upbringing. Lori grew up in an entrepreneurial setting; her parents and brother and sister own and operate Clover Hill Winery. She and Eddie have two wonderful children, Lucia and Cisco, both raised bilingually. She favors the cold winter months and winter sports such as skiing and ice skating. “Whatever you work at, do it with all your heart as if working for God and not man.”

Chilo Rangel, Operation’s Manager

Chilo has been a part of our team for over a decade! He started his time at Anewalt’s as our Crew Leader, and held that position for almost 8 years. He then moved into a Supervisor role for the next 3 years until recently being promoted to Operations Manager! In his position, he schedules the work crews and jobs daily, he completes quality control visits to various locations, which he loves because of working with and meeting new people on the go, and he also focuses on coaching our team in completing excellent work. He aims to develop Team Anewalt’s in all that they do, aiming for excellence both inside of and outside of the workplace to positively influence their lives and those that they meet.

Chilo lives and works by the saying, “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” and always aims for our company’s goal for excellence!

Outside of work, Chilo loves to complete his own home enhancements, travel to and visit new places, and spend time with his family.

Angela McCloy, Administrative Manager

Angie joined the Anewalt’s Team in April of 2013. She has a plethora of responsibilities including Payroll, Budgets, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. She is detail-oriented with an urge to help out and learn whatever she can. She is a Penn State Graduate and earned her BS in Business in 2002. Angie is most proud of many diverse learning experiences that she was able to partake in during her tenure working at Anewalt’s because she learned many valuable skills.

Angie currently lives in Exeter with her husband, Ryan, son Cavan, and daughter Samantha. Being the animal lover she is, her family also consists of various animals.

Although, Angie spends her time in the office at Anewalt’s, she loves to spend her free time outdoors with her family and dogs.

Angie appreciates the little things in life and embodies an appreciation for where you are in your journey. “Even if it’s not where you want to be,” she says, “every season serves a purpose.”

Sales Consultant / Account Manager

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Ruth Gavin, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Ruth has been a part of Team Anewalt since October of 2013! However, she has known Lori Anewalt for a decade, first meeting in Sacred Heart School, where Lori taught her three daughters. Ruth began as a part time team member with Anewalt’s years later, working only one day a week, and mainly assisted with filing work. She progressed over the years to working more than once a week, where she became dexterous on the computer, showing her ability to adapt and learn new skills! Currently, Ruth works full time and is responsible for answering the phones, preparing estimates, and inputting important information into the computer, as well as any odds-and-end things around the office.

Ruth focuses on teamwork. Each day, she asks her coworkers if there is anything that they would like help completing before she moves to complete her tasks for the day in order to help the office run as smoothly as possible. When the workload is too great, she always remembers Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

In Ruth’s free time, she enjoys reading and working on large puzzles, but most of all, she loves spending time with her family, especially her new grandson, Zane.

Doug Fisher, LC/PHC Field Supervisor

Doug has been with Anewalt’s since February of 2016, but his hard-working nature began before his time at Anewalt’s when he studied Archaeological Science. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in 2012.

Doug worked as our lawn care technician, but has stepped into the role as the Field Supervisor-in-Training for the Lawn Care and Plant Health Care Division at Anewalt’s. His day typically consists of making sure the field technicians are prepped and ready each morning, developing relationships with clients, creating routes, and getting out into the field to work alongside his coworkers at clients’ homes. His main goal is to grow the lawn care and plant health care divisions make sure that things run safely and smoothly.

In his free time, Doug is a family man! He loves spending time with his family, especially his young daughter, Sophia, and engages in anything outdoors, such as going to baseball games, going on hikes and hunting.

Doug’s favorite quote is spoken by Rocky Balboa, saying “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is gonna hit you as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” This quote helps to motivate him and drive him to complete his days to the best of his ability!

Matthew Griffis, Mechanic

Matthew joins team Anewalt’s as our mechanic. He began his career in mechanics while he was in the army and was a construction equipment mechanic for 5 years. After returning the United States post deployment, he continued to learn different aspects of mechanical work in each of his previous work settings to become well-rounded in both his knowledge and skill for various equipment. He is a hard worker who enjoys a challenge, and enjoys that each day brings something different to the shop to keep his brain working and constantly thinking. His duties at Anewalt’s will be to maintain our various pieces of work equipment and including our fleet of Ford vehicles, and assist with Grasshopper Mower maintenance and sales.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his kids. He enjoys anything outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, playing sports, and he even plays the guitar.

The quote that resonates with Matthew is John 15:13, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Brittney Hadden, Assistant to the VP

Brittney is new to the Anewalt’s Team and is excited to be working in an uplifting, positive environment. Before coming to us, she was a restaurant manager for eight years and her township’s tax collector for four years. During that time, she was able to expand her communication skills and develop relationships with people in all walks of life.

In addition to joining our team, she is also the PTO President for her son’s school. Here she really enjoys the opportunity to give back to the school and staff that are an intricate part of her children’s development. You will often find her at PTO events volunteering with her children and those in the community.

She has four children; Owen, Parker, Natalie, and baby Quinton who passed away in July of 2021.  She and her husband, Christopher, often take sporadic trips to their favorite place known as Disney World. She and her entire family are huge fans and enjoy the time to just get away and reconnect as a family.

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