The Landscaper Summer 2019


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Making a Difference! Earth Day at Sacred Heart Villa

The blessings of beauty, kindness, friendship, and love were exchanged among the residents and staff of Sacred Heart Villa in Muhlenberg Township, and team members and volunteers of Anewalt’s, at our annual Earth Day beautification project on May 24th.

Villa residents, including Olga Skrip, grandmother to our vice-president, Lori Anewalt, and known as GiGi, watched close to thirty Anewalt’s team members, ten volunteers, and seven kids weeding, mulching, edging, pruning, and planting their way around the front of the scenic property.

Olga, age 96, moved to Sacred Heart Villa over a year ago from her home in Breinigsville, giving the Anewalt team one very special reason to choose the site for this year’s beautification project.

“It gives them great pleasure to do this,” Olga said.  “Lori is a beautiful person,” added the loving grandmother.

The twenty-acre site, home to 63 senior residents and 16 nuns of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, has been maintained by only one groundskeeper, according to the admissions and marketing director, Nicole Adams.

Nicole explains that residents, staff, and visitors will all enjoy the changes brought about on our Earth Day.

“We couldn’t have done this without them,” she said

With beautification projects of her own at Sacred Heart Villa, Barb Allison, age 80, has planted a multitude of flowers and plants in pots decorating a patio at the front of the property for everyone’s enjoyment.

An avid gardener since living in her home in Reading, Barb considers the Earth Day project a blessing to everyone who visits or lives at the Villa.

“With what they’re doing, if you got a bill, it would be a big bill,” Barb said.

From seniors to youth, our Earth Day project made an impact on everyone involved.

Joey Skrip, a tenth-grader at Parkland High School, is a new team member at Anewalt’s and is considering joining us as an arborist one day.

He said he just felt happy about his work on Earth Day, knowing that many of the seniors have little to do during the day and hoping the landscaping projects will give them added joy with a more beautiful landscape.

And the youngest Anewalt, Cisco, age 8, spent hours planting and pruning, his favorite landscaping task.

Cisco was proud of the changes at the Sacred Heart Villa property.

“It’s all kind of nice because this place can stand out for the people who live here,” Cisco said.

With a full day starting at 7 a.m., our Earth Day project this year took twenty man hours, eight cubic yards of mulch, plants, lots of small handheld tools, edgers, blowers, weed whackers, and served as the maiden voyage of a special pink wheelbarrow dedicated to Jerry Yoder, the long-time business manager of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in West Reading.

We lost Jerry after his short time living at Sacred Heart Villa, and he is greatly missed as a near and dear friend of our family.

From Lori Anewalt:

“Each year Eddie and I choose a location near and dear to our hearts to beautify. This year, we chose the Sacred Heart Villa because my grandmother has been residing there since March of 2018. Our hope was to brighten the Villa with our landscaping and to bring some joy to the residents’ day!”

Stearns receives Educator of the Year award from National Landscape Association

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Dan Stearns, J. Franklin Styer Professor Emeritus, who served as the inaugural professor and program coordinator of the landscape contracting program in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, recently was named Outstanding Educator of the Year by the National Association of Landscape Professionals during its annual conference in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The organization represents an industry of nearly 1 million landscape, lawn care, irrigation and tree care experts. The award recognizes educators who have been passionate supporters and tireless ambassadors of the landscape industry; who have contributed time, energy and enthusiasm to their programs; and who show dedication to the education of future industry leaders.

Stearns said he is grateful for the many mentors in his life, from professors to past employers and co-workers to colleagues in academia. Most of all, he’s thankful for the students who have graced the program.

“The most satisfaction is seeing how our alums are contributing to the profession, the environment and quality of life for others. I have always enjoyed working with students, learning what motivates them and helping them figure out their optimum path to success. Teaching was a dream job for me.”

Dan has always gone above and beyond for all of his students. Everything I learned at Penn State with Dan Stearns, I was able to apply directly into my business. I am forever grateful. Dan Stearns and his Landscape Contracting Program hold a special place in my heart.  ­
— Eddie Anewalt

They’re Back!

The Spotted Lanternflies are back, but do not worry! Anewalt’s Landscape Contracting has their pesticide certifications and is able and ready to deal with the insects that are attacking our favorite flowers and plants. Don’t let these pests destroy your greenery! Let us help keep your yards beautiful and Spotted Lanternfly free!

To help you identify these critters, To the left are pictures of the different stages these bugs grow and mature through.

September 25, 2020
4:30 – 8 PM

Experience all the spirit of the season by joining us for our Annual Anewalt’s Harvest Family Festival held at our location in the fall!  Each year is a new theme and more fun for the whole family, so watch our website and Facebook page for details!


By Dr. Sanford, Horticulture Professor at Penn State Berks

Just because it’s native doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice for your landscape.

Both Catalpa speciosa (Northern Catalpa) and Catalpa bignoniodes (Southern Catalpa) can be found growing in this area of Pennsylvania. The Northern Catalpa, originally native to the Midwest, is larger, growing 50-80 feet in height and developing in time a picturesque, irregular, open upright-oval habit. The Southern Catalpa of Southeastern US is somewhat smaller, growing only 30-50 feet in height with a more broad-rounded habit.

This tree is most noticeable in early to mid-June when the large showy flower panicles appear. They consist of many 2-inch long white bell-shaped flowers with purple and orange blotches that appear in the center of the flowers. In late summer and persisting into the winter months, one also can’t help but notice the 8-18” long bean-like fruits that hang from the branches. In the fall, the trees may develop a pale to golden yellow leaf color.

Catalpa is very adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions from wet to dry, but it prefers moist sites and is adaptable to a wide pH range. The tree is also generally free of any serious pests or diseases. Despite these attributes one needs to consider how this tree might be used in the landscape. The large, 8-10” long, heart-shaped leaves produces a dense shade limiting what plants will grow beneath them. In addition to these large leaves, the seed pods, and brittle branches which shed continuously make this tree a major litter producer, which should be considered when locating within the landscape.

We’re back at the Reading Phillies with Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery

Tuesday, July 23rd – Game starts at 7:10 pm

Last year, our team, their families, and their friends had a great time at the ballpark! Doug Fisher, our Field Supervisor in Training, attended with his family.

“It was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity for families to enjoy the game,” he said. “You also got to learn about the spotted lanternfly and what to look for in your yard.”

Ruth Gavin, our Office Assistant, highlighted her experience of the fun as well.

“We came as Team Anewalt’s to cheer on our home town Reading Phils. We enjoyed fun with our families, but we also answered questions about what we do at Anewalt’s, we were given the opportunity to hold the American flag on the field during the national anthem before the game, and we ate dinner with our own families in the ballpark.”

Overall, it was a great time with a fantastic turnout!

Join our team once again at FirstEnergy Stadium on July 23rd. The game begins at 7:10 pm against the Binghamton Rumble Ponies! Receive a free t-shirt at the gates when you arrive, talk to those inside about giveaways and our company services, and more!