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Saturday, 15 January 2011 03:23
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Landscape Maintenance Customizable Full-Service Program

Rather than maintaining your residential or business landscape throughout the year with a la carte services, consider our Full-Service Program for year-round beauty, scheduled maintenance, and budgeted monthly payments.

How it works:

• Spring/Fall Clean Up
• Edge/Mulch Beds
• Mowing
• Shrub Pruning
• Plant Health Care
• Turf Fertilization
• Bed Fertilization
• Weed Control
• And various other landscape related services

After deciding which services will be included in your customizable Full-Service Program, we divide the total cost of the program into equal monthly payments. We guarantee year-round price hold and even extend to you a generous prepayment discount. Once you are part of our Full-Service Program, we begin to schedule your property's maintenance ensuring that services will be performed at the appropriate time.

Great Full-Service Program Benefits:

• Equal monthly payments allowing you to properly budget
• 1 invoice/1 payment per month
• Services schedules at the appropriate time
• Discount prepayment option
• Year-round price hold

Lawn Care

“Everybody likes curb appeal!”  To increase the health and vigor or your lawn, our customers have the choice of the Silver, Gold or Platinum Lawn Care Programs.

Silver - basic fertilization plus crab grass and weed control
Gold – includes the benefits of grub and insect control with granular pelletized dolomitic
Platinum – incorporates a fall aeration and seed.

Plant Health Care


A pest management program that provides control of the most common insect and mite problems that we encounter in the ornamental landscape. This program requires the help and participation of the property owner in such matters as watering and fertilization. The following features describe what should be expected by the property owner.

5 Visits during the most active periods for insects and mites, beginning in April and concluding in   September
An Initial Evaluation and consultation will review the landscape and any pre-existing conditions will be discussed.
Inspections on every visit when our trained and licensed expert will examine all the plant material for the presence of insect, mite or disease activity and any other conditions that may require corrective action.
Control Treatments will be performed on the plant material that shows pest activity or plant material that is susceptible to an anticipated problem.
Minimal Pesticide use will result from the search and treat method of inspecting the plant material first and then treating only the plants that are infested, infected or are prone to problems in the near future.
Guaranteed Service assures you that we will do what we say and work with you to provide the highest quality landscape care available. We guarantee same day or next day response to questions or concerns. If a site visit is necessary, we will be there within 48 hours.
Written Reports are provided after each visit that includes our observations, recommendations and a description of the work performed.
Constant Cost Per Visit means that each visit costs the same no matter how much time or material our expert uses to properly treat the landscape.
Automatic Renewal will provide continuing, high quality care for the landscape.

During the year, we will advise the property owner of any additional services or treatments that are important for the maintenance and improvement of the landscape planting. Such recommendations may involve pruning, clean-up of leaves and debris, plant removals, watering and specialized treatments to control infrequent or uncommon pests.

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