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Spruce It Up with Anewalt's Holidynamics Lights & Winter Decor 
for Your Home or Business!

We service, install, remove and store the lights & winter décor and have access to seasonal greens to incorporate in the outdoor container gardens. 

Want to learn more about winter décor? Read on... or see our project gallery below! 

• Other than the advantage of not having to do it yourself, what are the main reasons you recommend Anewalt’s for your outdoor winter décor?
The quality of the product Anewalt’s uses is far superior to the lights you can purchase in your local box store. The commercial lights are manufactured to last for years. That means no more trips to the box store for replacement lights, extra cords, extra bulbs, etc. Anewalt’s will care for your outdoor décor from start to finish: installation, removal, storage and maintenance.

• What’s the most common mistake you see homeowners who do it themselves make?
Most commonly, homeowners are Jerry-rigging their lights by haphazardly connecting too many cords. Additionally, it is a common practice that homeowners buy box store lights that truly are disposable thinking they will get years of use out of them.

• Lights are the most common thing people think about for outdoor winter décor. What, other than lights, can/do landscape professionals do that homeowners don’t think about?
Winter décor can and should include beautiful seasonal color in planters, natural wreaths, greens, etc. Fresh cut greens and stunning holly berries in the winter are a must! This accent softens the entrance of a home during our harsh winters here and makes for a lovely entrance to stores of all types. We use natural greens to appeal to the senses: sight incorporating vibrant berries, touch including the different textures of the plants, and smell with the incredible pine aroma.

• Is it worth it for a homeowner with a more average house – say a story and a half – to call on Anewalt’s for help?
Yes! The biggest obstacle in having a landscape professional incorporate the lights is the initial cost. The potential client must see the worth of the lights because he/she actually purchases them and this is reflected in the price the first year. Of course the lights are more expensive than box store lights! They are high quality. Homeowners cannot think that they are comparing apples to apples with box store lights and the commercial lights landscapers can provide. After the initial investment, the homeowners pay for annual installation and removal.

• What about commercial sites?
Welcome your customers this winter! Lights add cheer and curb appeal. “The lights give us an opportunity to draw attention and increase awareness of our company.” -Dick Ehst, President of Customers Bank

To get started today, peruse our beautiful, unique collection of lights and décor from the online catalog.

We will generate a digital design of your location with the professional trimmings for your approval.

From start to finish, spruce up your property with Anewalt’s! • Light installation, removal, storage and maintenance • Seasonal Color • Fall Clean-ups

Contact our team today!
Mel Nye at 610.916.7070


Ready to get started? Contact our team today! Mel Nye at 610.916.7070

Ready to get started? Contact our team today! Mel Nye at 610.916.7070

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