Projects - Girl Scouts Earth Day 2012
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Saturday, 15 January 2011 04:26

Girl Scouts Earth Day 2012

Girlscouts help to plant!

Anewalt’s and Girl Scout Troop 1051 joined together to brighten up St. Joseph’s Preschool in Reading.

Friday, April 20, 2012, was a picture perfect day! Blue skies, warm sun, gentle breeze, and volunteers to boot! We, Anewalt’s employees and also other volunteers, got busy by 7:30 AM, painting a Fit and Fun shape stencil on the courtyard connecting St. Joseph’s Church and School. As the day progressed, the alphabet and numbers were added to the shapes so that the preschoolers would be able to fine tune their alphabet and counting skills during playtime on the courtyard.

A project well done!

This humble project included only a bit of plant material since we were challenged with the lack of planting space within the confines of the 100% concrete courtyard, located in the heart of the city of Reading, PA. By 3 in the afternoon, the Girl Scouts from troop 1051 arrived to help Anewalt’s Jim Culley during the plant installation. The 1,500 lb. Massarelli planter was installed a few days prior to the project due to the equipment required to deliver it. The girls helped Jim plant a focal hibiscus, pincushion flowers, potato vine and petunias in perfect symmetry around the hibiscus. The girls were excited since they just learned about symmetry in art class and were happy to apply it’s concept to landscaping. 

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