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Saturday, 15 January 2011 04:26

Earth Day 2015 with a Traditional Spin: Bring your child to work day!

This Earth Day was outstanding!  For 2015, we changed our plan a bit.  Lori Anewalt, co-owner of Anewalt’s, fondly remembers the day when her father took her to work at age 5 on a construction site for ‘Bring your child to work day’.  She still has the hardhat he gave her.  Lori would like for more parents and children to have this special time together.  Thus, the idea sprung for Anewalt’s employees to invite their children to work with them for a day.  Lori’s hope was multifaceted:  To have parents share with their children what their days at Anewalt’s look like, to have children work next to mom or dad, and to spend an afternoon unplugged with nature.


“The laborious task of spring clean-up and mulching can be very overwhelming! Anewalt’s did a marvelous job.”  – Property Owner Sylvia

On Friday, April 24th, Anewalt’s employees and their children gathered at a Birdsboro property in need of some sprucing up.  The property owner, Sylvia, and her two young boys do their best to maintain the site; however, this busy mom wears many hats and needed a helping hand.  Anewalt’s pitched in by performing a thorough spring clean-up complete with lawn fertilization, edging of beds, and a mulch application.  The children came to the site around 2:30 PM and continued spreading mulch and planted annuals.  All of the children were outfitted with Anewalt’s T-shirts, safety glasses and gloves!  “The children made the project!” says Lori.  “It is beautiful to see their big eyes full of pride at the work they did.”  Highlights include taking a turn at pushing the wheelbarrow full of mulch, wearing the cool safety glasses, and eating ‘dirt cake’ at the post project celebration.

“I love to see the Earth and it is fun”  – Alex


“It was fun to do.”  – Drew

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