Lori Anewalt
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Saturday, 15 January 2011 04:26
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Lori Anewalt
General Manager 

Lori and Eddie Anewalt married in 1996 on Groundhog Day.  Since then, she has experienced all aspects of the business intermittently when not teaching Spanish.  In her earlier years, Lori worked on a crew, often with Eddie, cutting grass, plowing snow, building decks and maintaining properties.  As the years progressed, her role continued to change, moving more into the office, at times answering phones, aiding in Spanish-English translation, and recruiting employees. She drives the public relations and customer outreach in projects such as the newsletter and in community service.  Today, Lori works closely to develop her team, grow customer relations, and oversee finances.  Her skill set and leadership qualities stem directly from her upbringing. 

Lori grew up in an entrepreneurial setting; her parents and brother and sister own and operate Clover Hill Winery. Lori is passionate about the Spanish language and spent two decades teaching Spanish in Berks County schools.  She and Eddie have two beautiful children, LucĂ­a and Cisco, both being raised bilingually.  She favors the cold winter months and winter sports such as skiing and ice skating.

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